Common Name: Chiltan Wild Goat
Scientific Name: Capra falconeri jerdoni x Capra aegagrus blythi
Location: In the early 1970s there were four or five populations in the Chiltan, Murdar, Koh-i-Maran, and Koh-i-Gishk ranges south of Quetta, Pakistan. By 1975, uncontrolled hunting by locals had reduced these to one population of about 170 animals in what is now Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park. Given protection within the park, the numbers increased to 480 by 1990.
A naturally occurring hybrid between the Sulaiman Markhor and the Sindh Ibex. Characteristics from both animals can be found in any particular individual. As would be expected, there are some which have a distinct markhor look and others with an ibex look and anything in between. Permits have not been available for several years and since almost all remaining are in the park and protected, permits are not expected to be issued anytime in the forseeable future.