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2017 Drawing Winners
All drawing winners will be posted here along with a video of each drawing. An email will be sent after each drawing announcing the drawing video has been published for viewing.  

Drawing #7: On January 9, we gave aways a Kolyma snow sheep in Russia Kulu Safaris. The VERY happy winner was Rustly Schultz (AL) Rusty has been a volunteer at every single Slam Quest convention since 2004. Of course we are happy for every winner but it sure is special to see it happen for a great supporter of the organization. Rusty is pictured here with a beautiful Stone sheep he took in 2013.


Watch the drawing video

Drawing #8: On January 28, at the Saturday night banquet of the SlamQuest convention, Bruce Tatarchuk (AL) won a Sindh ibex hunt in Pakistan The Hunting Consortium. By all accounts his celebratory dance is quite the spectacle.
Watch the drawing video
Drawing #9: On March 13, Long-term GSCO supporter Rusty Blyler (PA) was the lucky winner of a terrific hunt for Hume or Tian Shan Argali in Kyrgyszstan with the Stalker Group. Rusty is pictured here with a muskox taken back in 2013.
Drawing #10: Lightning struck a second time on April 10, 2017 for Josh Byrd (MO). We drew Josh's name for a Tahr and chamois combo hunt in New Zealand with Track & Trail Safaris. Josh was previously a winner in our Slam Quest raffle. Josh is pictured with his 2016 Whitetail.
Drawing #11: On May 8 we gave away a Blanford Urial hunt in Pakistan. The lucky winner was Troy White (MT) Troy will be hunting with long time GSCO supporter Caprinae Safaris. Troy is pictured with a Mid-Asian Ibex from Kyrgyzstan.

Drawing #12: The inaugural year of the Ovis / Capra Raffle wrapped up with a Kuban (Western) Tur hunt in Russia provided by Long-term GSCO supporter and sponsor ProfiHunt. The lucky winner was Jerry Hennessey (MN). Jerry is pictured with his nice 2016 Bongo from Cameroon.

Drawing #13: Long time member and supporter Leff Robbins (AL) was the winner of the Himalayan Ibex hunt with Caprinae Safaris in Tajikistan. Leff is pictured here with a Dall sheep taken in 2011.
Drawing #14: Roger Hemminghaus (CO) was the very happy winner of a Marco Polo hunt with The Hunting Consortium. Roger is shown here with his Dagestan (Eastern) Tur.
Drawing #15: On Spetember 11, 2017 we gave away a Bezoar Ibex hunt in Turkey. The very happy winner was David Haas (NV) aka "The luckiest man alive." David has been faithful to support ALL GSCO drawings over the years and his faithfulness has been rewarded as he has won many, many times over. David is pictured here with his 2004 Desert Bighorn.
Drawing #16: On October 9, 2017 we drew for a Blanford Urial hunt with Caprinae Safaris in Pakistan. The lucky winner was Josh Byrd (MO). Josh is pictured here with cougar he took back in 2014.
Drawing #17: We drew longtime member Mark Farnam (ND) when we gave away a spanish ibex hunt on 11-13-17. Mark is pictured here with his 2016 polar bear.
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