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2017 Drawing Winners
All drawing winners will be posted here along with a video of each drawing. An email will be sent after each drawing announcing the drawing video has been published for viewing.  

Drawing #7: On January 9, we gave aways a Kolyma snow sheep in Russia Kulu Safaris. The VERY happy winner was Rustly Schultz (AL) Rusty has been a volunteer at every single Slam Quest convention since 2004. Of course we are happy for every winner but it sure is special to see it happen for a great supporter of the organization. Rusty is pictured here with a beautiful Stone sheep he took in 2013.


Watch the drawing video

Drawing #8: On January 28, at the Saturday night banquet of the SlamQuest convention, Bruce Tatarchuk (AL) won a Sindh ibex hunt in Pakistan The Hunting Consortium. By all accounts his celebratory dance is quite the spectacle.
Watch the drawing video
Drawing #9: On March 13, Long-term GSCO supporter Rusty Blyler (PA) was the lucky winner of a terrific hunt for Hume or Tian Shan Argali in Kyrgyszstan with the Stalker Group. Rusty is pictured here with a muskox taken back in 2013.
Drawing #10: Lightning struck a second time on April 10, 2017 for Josh Byrd (MO). We drew Josh's name for a Tahr and chamois combo hunt in New Zealand with Track & Trail Safaris. Josh was previously a winner in our Slam Quest raffle. Josh is pictured with his 2016 Whitetail.
Drawing #11: On May 8 we gave away a Blanford Urial hunt in Pakistan. The lucky winner was Troy White (MT) Troy will be hunting with long time GSCO supporter Caprinae Safaris. Troy is pictured with a Mid-Asian Ibex from Kyrgyzstan.

Drawing #12: The inaugural year of the Ovis / Capra Raffle wrapped up with a Kuban (Western) Tur hunt in Russia provided by Long-term GSCO supporter and sponsor ProfiHunt. The lucky winner was Jerry Hennessey (MN). Jerry is pictured with his nice 2016 Bongo from Cameroon.

Drawing #13: Long time member and supporter Leff Robbins (AL) was the winner of the Himalayan Ibex hunt with Caprinae Safaris in Tajikistan. Leff is pictured here with a Dall sheep taken in 2011.
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